In the heart of the picturesque Będkowska valley (part of the Kraków Valleys Landscape Park), at the foot of the formidable Sokolica and by the Będkówka stream’s bank lies a place of unique beauty…

Brandysówka – agrotourism and camping close to Kraków

Brandysówka Dolina Będkowska

Brandysówka lies in the heart of Dolina Będkowska. It is facing the formidable Sokolica. Our household is surrounded by meadows, forests and rocks.

The Będkówka stream runs through its middle.
Sokolica is the tallest rock in Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska region, and the only one – outside Tatra Mountains – which offers routes with multiple stations. There is a waterfall just a few steps away. Multiple eye-catching rocks are closeby, including the famous Dupa Słonia (“The Elephant’s Ass” in direct translation) and Iglica (the Needle). Several touristic trails go through Dolina Będkowska.


camping near Cracow… rooms in the hostel… homemade meals, grillbar… a place for your campfire or a party… a place for a school trip

Open all-year-round

Magical landscape

Close to Krakow (16km)

Great value for money