About us

People and creatures of Brandysówka

Andrzej Brandys

The owner of Brandysówa, first-born to Danuta Brandys. Spent most of his childhood in Dolina. Andrzej is a metaphorical foundation of Brandysówka. He oversees the construction works and technical aspects of Brandysówka functioning.


Wanda Brandys

Andrzej’s wife and a housekeeper of Brandysówka. Among other things, she oversees preparation of meals and deals with booking. An aficionado of horseback riding and a big fan of animals in general.

Andrzej, Wanda and Puma, the hosts

Marek Kajtek Bobas Brandys

Andrzej and Wanda’s son. Deals with everything. PhD in medical sciences, likes basketball and weight-lifting.

Jacek Brandys

Andrzej and Wanda’s son. Visits Brandysowka occasionally. Runs his own company on daily basis.


Genius loci

Difficult to explain. It needs to be experienced on one’s own…


Victor is a young donkey. His name comes from the date of birth – 11th of November, which is Polish Independence Day. He is Piorun’s best friend, which doesn’t stop him from constantly biting his tail.



Hucul (Carpathian) bay horse. Friendly but careful. Victor’s big friend.