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To enter Dolina Będkowska by vehicle you must have a digital confirmation of your booking in Brandysówka.

Most of the cellular operators provide some coverage close to Brandysowka, but you might lose it in other areas in Dolina.

Route to Dolina Bedkowska, Brandysowka camping, picnic, campfire, event

How to get here

For your comfort, consider avoiding the times with the highest numbers of tourists walking in Dolina Będkowska (saturdays and sundays, between 12.00 and 18.00).

We are in the middle of a valley. Please, mind that the road is narrow for the final 2km.

By car or bike

Direction Kraków-Brzezie

At “Ofiar Katynia” roundabout choose direction to Zabierzów (road 7 and 79). After about 4km you’ll see an overpass, next to Leroy Merlin – DON’T enter it, but keep to the right lane. After 400m turn right at the traffic light (Kasztanowa street). Go on for 400m and turn left, direction Brzezie. Straight on for 8,5 km (through streets: Kasztanowa, Szlachecka, Zielona, another Kasztanowa, Akacjowa), until you face Dolina Bedkowska waymark (in Brzezinka). Turn right as the sign points and drive along the Valley for next 4km to reach Brandysówka.
Driving across the Valley is permitted for our guests.

Direction Kraków-Olkusz

At “Ofiar Katynia” roundabout head towards Olkusz (road 94). After 19km turn left towards Łazy (1km after passing Chochołowy Dwór restaurant).

After 3,5km turn left at a waymark to Dolina Bedkowska (50.188,19.742, Entry nr 3 in the map). Follow the narrow road down the valley for 2km (including 50m of a dirt road) to reach Brandysówka.

Direction Olkusz-Kraków

While on road 94 towards Kraków turn right at the waymark to Łazy (50.214,19.763). After 3,5km turn left to the valley (50.188,19.742) and follow the narrow road for 2km.

Caravans, trailers

Entry nr 2 on the map (50.151, 19.747). From there, follow the narrow road downwards, turn right at a little shrine, and straight on for 2,5km.

Entry nr 1 (see Direction Kraków-Brzezie). It has the least height diference but there is a relatively narrow bridge along (257cm).

Entry nr 3 (50.188,19.742) in Łazy. We recommend against taking this route.

The road throug the Devils Gate (entry nr 4) is not passable.

By public trans.

In Kraków board  bus 310. Leave at the stop Będkowice–Borynia. Walk straight on for 250m. Turn right at a sign pointing towards Dolina. Go down the road and turn left at the bottom of the valley. Continue for 1km to reach Brandysowka.

From the airport – take bus 208, get to Kraków (e.g. Bronowice SKA stop) and proceed as above.

Parking spaces for buses

  • In Brandysówka (the road in Dolina is narrow and we suggest using buses no larger than for 35 persons).
  • In Będkowice, at the centre, next to the firestation (50.168, 19.752). 30 minutes walk to Brandysówka.
  • Terminus between Będkowice and Kobylany or EU parking space close to it (50.158, 19.748). 40 minutes walk to Brandysówka.
  • Parking space next to the church in Łazy (50.189, 19.7445). 30 min walk to Brandysówka.