About the place

Soothing magic of Dolina Będkowska…

Lyrical ambient of this place is a fusion of the pristine landscape trapped between the two slopes of the valley, the stream’s melody accompanied by crickets and the sound of nearby waterfall, combined with the harmony of the forest’s scents, and contrasted by the smell of burning wood in a campfire.


Będkowska is the largest, and, arguably, the prettiest valley in Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska. Its uniqueness can be attributed to aesthetics (landscape composed of Jurassic rocks, river, forests and meadows), nature, geology and also history (training grounds for pioneers of polish climbing, trenches from the IIWW, remnants of a stronghold from XII century). There are several hiking (yellow, blue), cycling (red, blue, green) and educational trails (Valley of Caves, Małopolski Geotouristic Trail, The Trail of Jurassic Castles).


Multiple rock formations scattered throughout Dolina are of great popularity with the climbing community. Brandysówka has its place in the history of Polish climbing. It was the Będkowska valley, where the pioneers of rock and mountain climbing (grupa Pokutników) worked on improving their skills, as early as in the twenties of the XX century. They would often find a shelter, a meal and some nice company in Brandysówka. Since those times, consecutive generations of climbers keep visiting Dolina Będkowska and Brandysówka. Nowadays, we have the pleasure of accommodating GOPR’s outpost under our roof (Voluntary Mountain Rescue Team, Jurassic Group).
Outdoor restaurant in Dolina Bedkowska, next to the Sokolica rock. Attractions in Dolina
Szum Waterfall, Agrotourism Cracow Valleys, Climbing
Dolina Będkowska in autumn
Climbing Dupa Słonia, climbing in Dolina Bedkowska

Attractions in the vicinity of Brandysówka

• Marvelous surroundings for strolling and cycling

Touristic trails

Yellow (walking, Jurassic Valleys trail)

Blue (walking, The trail of Jurassic Strongholds)

Green (walking)

Yellow (cycling, The Bat Trail)

Red (cycling)

Blue (cycling)

Green (cycling)

Geotouristic Trail

Jogging Trails

• Jurassic rocks (rock climbing!)

– Sokolica (~Falcon’s rock; the tallest mountain in Jura)

– Dupa Słonia (Elephant’s ass)

– Iglica (The needle)

– Brandysowa Skała (Brandys’ rock)

– Czarcie Wrota (Devil’s gate) and many others

• Hundreds of climbing routes

• The Szum Waterfall

• Będkówka stream, and its spring (monument of nature)

• Commercial fishing ponds

• Nietoperzowa Cave (Bat Cave), Łabajowa Cave, Dziewicza Cave

• Our four-legged companions (horse, donkey)

Attractions outside of Dolina Będkowska

There is a multitude of interesting places close to Dolina. They can be comfortably explored using Brandysówka as a headquarters. Some of those include:
• Ojcowski National Park (10km)
• Several Krakow valleys (closeby!)

– Kobylańska
– Kluczwody
– Bolechowicka
– Szklarki
– Racławki
– Mnikowska
– Eliaszówki

  • Caves

– Wierzchowska Górna (9km)
– Mamutowa (8km)
– Ciemna (9km)
– Grota Łokietka (8km)

  • Castles

– Zamek w Pieskowej Skale (17km)
– Remnants of the castle in Ojców (14km)
– Zamek Korzkiew (19km)
– Zamek Tenczyn (25km)
– Zamek Rabsztyn (25km)
– Zamek Ogrodzieniec (45km)
– Zamek Będzin (55km)
– Zamek Bobolice (70km)

  • Vineyards

– Winnica Zagrabie (20km)
– Winnica Krokoszówka Górska (23km)
– Winnica Zagardle (23km)

  • Kryspinów water resort (24km)
  • Błędowska Desert (30km)
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine (45km)
  • Energylandia Park in Zator (45km)
  • Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau (70km)
  • Kraków city (16km)