Rates and menu

Price list and menu 2023

Bed in a 4-bed or larger room45 zł
Bed in a 2 or 3-bed room50 zł
Rooms are rented exclusively (no sharing with strangers) || Children < 7y.o. half the price
Bed linen (optional, one-off)15 zł
Pets15 zł
Per person15 zł
Tent 1-2p. /3-4p. /5-6p.10 / 15 / 20 zł
Car20 zł
Camper / RV30 zł
Car + Trailer20 + 20 zł
Motorbike10 zł
Electric hook-up20 zł
Toilets and showers free of charge!
Children under 7 free of charge!
Children under 1210 zł
Animals free of charge!
Wood for a campfire90 or 50 zł
Cateringon individual basis – contact us
Group meals
Entire hostel booking

Homemade meals

DUMPLINGS delicious, home-made, nine piecesPrice
Ruskie (cheese and potato)25 zł
With meat25 zł
With sauerkraut and mushroom25 zł
With spinach and feta25 zł
With duck and apples35zł
With venison35zł
With strawberry23 zł
With plum23 zł
With sweet cheese23 zł
With banana and Nutella23 zł
Soup10 - 18 zł
Traditional bigos (sauerkraut stew), served with bread19 zł
Vegan bigos, served with bread19 zł
Baked beans in tomato sauce, with meat and veggies, served with bread19 zł
Baked beans in tomato sauce, with veggies (vegetarian), served with bread19 zł
PANCAKES sweet, with sour cream and topping, two piecesPrice
Sweet cottage cheese19 zł
Strawberry marmalade19 zł
Nutella19 zł
Apple mousse19 zł
Savoury pancakes, two pieces, with garlic saucePrice
Mexican pancakes26 ,-
With spinach and feta26 ,-
Scrambled eggs on butter (three eggs), tomato and onion, bread and butter19 zł
Three boiled sausages, tomato and onion, bread and butter19 zł
Large breakfast plate (3 slices of cold meat and cheese, jam, hardboiled egg, cottage cheese, veggies, bread and butter)19 zł
Small breakfast plate (2 slices of cold meat and cheese, cottage cheese, tomato, onion, bread and butter)16 zł
Porridge with milk and nuts16 zł
Freshly ground COFFEEPrice
Black11 zł
Americano13 zł
White (au lait, with frothed milk)13 zł
Espresso / Esp. doppio10 / 13 zł
Cappuccino13 zł
Latte macchiato (two shots, a lot of frothed milk)16 zł
Latte puchatte (two shots, frothed milk, whipped cream, almonds and topping)20 zł
Instant coffee10 zł
Other drinksPrice
Tea with lemon (black, white, green, fruit)10 zł
Hot chocolate on milk13 zł
Hot chocolate, whipped cream, almonds, topping18 zł
Homemade CAKE10-20 zł

Grillbar pod Sokolicą

(open on weekends, from spring until fall – the grillbar will be back in action in april 2024)

Mammoth cutlet (pork chop + fries + salads; 200g/200g/250g)32 zł
Jurassic steak (pork loin grilled sauté with fried onion and champignon + fries + salads; 220g/200g/250g)32 zł
Pork loin under plum and bacon (grilled pork loin under plum and bacon + fries + salads; 250g/200g/250g)32 zł
Sage’s fillet (chicken breast in sage butter + fries + salads; 200g/200g/250g)32 zł
Cranberry chicken (chicken breast with cranberries and cheese + fries + salads; 230g/200g/250g)32 zł
Coated chicken (chicken breast coated with breadcrumbs + fries + salads; 200g/200g/250g)32 zł
Grilled mix (pork loin, chicken fillet, bacon and + fries + salads; 350g/200g/250g)45 zł
Grilled sausage (grilled sausage with fried onion + bread + pickled cucumber; 250g)22 zł
Potato pancakes with salads (4 potato pancakes with sour cream + salads; 300g/250g)21 zł
Potato pancakes with melted cheese and salads (4 potato pancakes, cheese, sour cream + salads; 300g/250g)23 zł
Grilled vegetables (various grilled veggies + fries; 280g/200g)26 zł
Coated chicken bites (chicken breast coated with breadcrumbs + fries + salads; 150g/150g/150g24 zł
Pork chop with cheese (Coated pork with cheese on top + fries + salads; 150g/150g/150g24 zł
French fries (220g)12 zł
Fries with cheese coating (220g)14 zł
Grilled champignons16 zł
Homemade lard (two slices of bread with lard + pickled cucumber)17 zł
Selection of salads (fresh salads; 250g)14 zł
Pickled cucumber5 zł
Lech, Kasztelan 0,5l14 zł
Draught Beer – Lech 0,5l14 zł
Draught Beer small – Lech 0,35l12 zł
Regional breweriesPrice
Wawelskie, Piwojad, Miłosław14 - 18 zł
IPA 0,5l (<0,5%alc.)15 zł
Lech Free (0% alc.)13 zł
Bottled water 0,5l / 1,5l5 - 6 zł
Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Nestea 0,5l10 zł
Burn (energizer)9 zł
Cappy juice (apple, orange)9 zł

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