Camping Brandysówka

Camping near Cracow

A picturesque campsite in the Bedkowska Valley

Campers (caravans) Camping near Kraków Będkowska Valley
  • To enter Dolina Będkowska by vehicle you must have a digital confirmation of your booking in Brandysówka (mail us to make a booking)
  • If you arrive late at night – set your tent (as quietly as possible) and come to register the next day
  • Reception is on the porch of Brandysówka (ring the bell)


  • Quiet hours strictly from 22.00 to 7.00
  • If you intend to have a night-time party – do not come to our place
  • Under no circumstances do enter the private forests to the south from the camping
  • Please refrain from flying drones


  • The campsite has no delineated pitches (we don’t reserve a particular spot)
  • In the high season sunny weekends tend to be crowded; much less so from mondays till fridays
  • If using the fridge, keep your food in a signed plastic bag
  • Pets are welcome (clean up after your furry friends)
  • The toilets (4), showers (5, warm water), sinks (2, one with warm water) are available for no additional fee
  • You can ask us to do your laundry
  • The electric hookup is available for a small fee (own extension cord necessary)
  • Very good value for money
  • Cash only for the stay, PLN or EUR (you can pay by card for food or drinks)
  • The campsite is situated at the foot of the formidable Sokolica
  • Our camping is naturally fenced by the Sokolica rock and a small river
  • We are located close to Kraków (~16km)
  • At the camping
    • Touristic sheds and gazebos (sheltered from the rain)
    • Campfire spots
    • Children’s playground, Ping-Pong table, volleyball and badminton pitch
    • A fridge is available for our guests
    • Wireless internet
  • You can order food all-week long in our home kitchen
  • Grillbar Pod Sokolicą is open in weekends (summer season)
  • The camping is open nearly all-year long
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Camping near Kraków Będkowska Valley

Experience the ambient

  • Tents, caravans, trailers
  • Individual tourists and organized groups
  • Climbing courses
  • Scouts
  • A perfect spot for a climbers’ headquarters
  • Check here for attractions closeby

Camping near Kraków Będkowska Valley
Camping near Kraków Będkowska Valley
Camping near Cracow Bedkowska Valley
Camping near Kraków Będkowska Valley Brandysówka
Campers (caravans) Camping near Kraków Będkowska Valley
Cracow campground Bedkowska Valley
Toilets at the Camping. Cracow campsite Jura.
Cracow camping Bedkowska Valley
Kraków camping Jura Będkowska Dolina campsite road
Brandysówka Restaurant and camping near Kraków. Restaurant in Dolina Będkowska.
Camping near Kraków Będkowska Valley
Showers and toilets Kraków camping Jura

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