Photogallery of the Będkowska Valley

Outdoor restaurant in Dolina Bedkowska, next to the Sokolica rock. Attractions in Dolina
Climbing Dupa Słonia, climbing in Dolina Bedkowska
Restaurant Dolina Będkowska, Brandysówka household
The donkey, Bedkowska Valley
Szum and Będkówka, Dolina Będkowska
Rockclimbin Sokolica in the Bedkowska Valley
Dolina Będkowska in autumn
Brandysówka, climbing in Dolinki
Brandys' rock, Kraków Landscape Park
Homemade couisine Brandysówka restaurant
Brandysowka household, frontyard
The horse and the donkey
Visiting ponys, Camping Pod Sokolica, Campsite Dolina Bedkowska in Jura
Camping near Kraków, climbing Sokolica
Szum Waterfall, Agrotourism Cracow Valleys, Climbing
Autumn in the Bedkowska Valley, campsite Brandysowka
Climbing Kraków, Sokolica in Jura, Rockclimbing Cracow