Mountain hostel

Affordable accommodation

Rooms in the hostel, with 2 up to 8 beds

  • Smaller rooms on the first floor, larger on the ground
  • 37 beds altogether, 8 rooms
  • Organized groups are welcome
    (climbing camp, school trip, training etc.)

Common rooms

  • A living room with a fireplace
  • Sosnowa Szopa (Pine Hall) – a meeting room with tables for up to 55 persons
  • A possibility to rent the whole building exclusively


  • Two bathrooms on the groundfloor (3 showers, 4 toilets, 4 basins)
  • One bathroom on the floor (1 shower, 1 toilet, 2 basins)
  • Kitchen annexe (stove, fridge, kettle, sink)
  • We happilly provide all day long catering

Basic info

A room with a fireplace, hostel close to Kraków
Meeting room adjacent to the mountain hostel
Room nr 8
Room nr 7
Room nr 6
Room nr 5
Room nr 4
Room nr 3
Bathroom nr 1
Corridor in the mountain hostel
Brandysowka hostel, large room
Room nr 1 with bunk beds, Brandysowka
Bathroom at the hostel. Tourist accommodation Krakow Jerzmanowice.
Sink next to the kitchen annex in the hostel
One of the toilets in the mountain hostel

Don't hesitate and get in touch if you are interested in the rooms!

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